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NeoSystems unlocks the power of Mobility and Microsoft Cloud with ITRAK, the definitive software solution for managing any company’s safety and compliance processes.


National COR Standard, ISO

ISO Compliance and Industry Standards



For over a decade, ITRAK has been a comprehensive safety solution providing clients with the ability to achieve and maintain compliance with management standards in three main areas of Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, and Health and Safety Management Systems. ITRAK has been designed with three main standards in mind: the OHSAS 18001 standard which is slated to evolve into ISO 45001, the CSA Z1000-14 standard and the Canadian provincial Certificate of Recognition (COR) which are all essential when it comes to providing tools to support our clients certification. The core modules of the ITRAK Foundation (Documents, Forms and Competency) provide a flexible framework to build Health and Safety Management systems upon. These modules together support the Z1000-14 model of an occupational health and safety management system.


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