NeoSystems celebrates inclusion in Microsoft ISV Red Carpet Program

Microsoft Canada recently announced the opening of the Canadian Data Center and NeoSystems is proud to be selected as a top-ten ISV RedCarpet Partner.  Microsoft has made a significant investment in the Canadian Data Centre in addition to the 100+ data centres that exist in regionals around the world.   This is a significant opportunity for private and public sector clients who are concerned about data residency here in Canada.


NeoSystems is pleased to share that the iTrak Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) solution fully supports deployments in this new Canadian based cloud infrastructure.


Today 15% of corporate applications are deployed to the cloud in Canada with that growing to nearly a quarter of all applications by 2020. This is a significant opportunity for Canadian businesses to leverage the power of the Microsoft cloud alongside their existing on-premise deployments.

The iTrak solution has always been flexible to operate in either on-premise or cloud environments as stated by Trevor Nimegeers, Managing Director at NeoSystems “Our customers value flexibility in their deployment options; we provide both but there is no questions we are seeing cloud options becoming a direction many customers are investing in.  Our clients certainly see that cloud based QHSE deployment can be implemented quickly and provide a very strong ROI”.  



10% off iTrak subscription prices when deploying to Canadian Cloud

To celebrate the arrival of the Canadian Data Centre, NeoSystems announces that any customers who purchase a iTrak software subscription based in the Canadian Data Centre qualify for a 10% price reduction for the first 12 months of their contact. For more information contact or one of our iTrak resellers. Purchase valid until December 31, 2016.